About us

Founded in 2016 and based on Crete, the Hotel Project is a hospitality management company that consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in international Hotel chains, Tour Operators and F&B venues around the world.

Creating win-win-win partnerships is our purpose.

We go along with visionary hoteliers who believe in teamwork, embrace sustainable techniques and seek progress.



The vision

  • To BE THE BEST performing and most valued hotel company in Greece for every one of the stakeholders; colleagues, guests, business partners and owners.
  • To BE A ROLE MODEL hotel company for other hoteliers.

The mission

We are committed to:

  • growing sustainably the VALUE of each hotel we manage.
  • providing perfection with ATTENTION TO DETAIL at every moment and in every way.
  • creating UNIQUE EXPERIENCES not only for our guests, but for our partners and employees, too.

The Values

I. LEAD & INSPIRE – demonstrate confidence but have humility.

II. STRIVE FOR PERFECTION – good is not good enough.

III. WORK ETHIC – exhibit integrity, show respect and concern for the others

IV. SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT - economy, society, environment

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