Trust, hospitality, passion.
These words reflect the core values of The Hotel Project. The philosophy that distinguishes us. The methodology that we follow.
If you too believe in the above, we can start a cooperation that will give the necessary stimulus to your hotel!
The triptych Sales, Marketing, Development perfectly reflects our core values of Trust, Hospitality and the Passion, creating a mix that boosts our partnerships.



We can grow together!
Together we can build something great, taking advantage of experiences, skills and knowledge in the ever growing tourism market.
Together we can succeed in claim our share of the market!
The Hotel Project is the partner you were looking for, the partner you can trust, the partner you can rely upon.



Conscious of our role in the industry, caring for the welfare of the partners, the comfort of the guests and the social needs.



Blend skills with emotions!
We strive to give intensity to the effort, faith in the vision, power to the imagination. We love what we do and we love passionately. And the results … vindicates us!
Trust our partners and see your hotel to actively participate in the international tourism industry.

The Hotel Project

Sales, Marketing, Development